VXDIAG Vcx Nano Ford Review

VXDIAG Vcx Nano review on Ford and Mazda… here you go.

VXDIAG VCX NANO is the same as VCM2 with a single board (which is very bad clone of VCM2).

By satria_wr
Vehicle: 2014 Ford Ecosport 1.5L Ti-VCT 110hp

My clone vcm2 was able to update the module online.
The single board is known to brick module since it doesn’t have complete chip on it.

By Automate
Vehicle: 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The VCX Nano I took apart seems to be a custom design to emulate in hardware part of the hardware/software of the VCM II but the driver is most important too. I did not take pictures but gently peeling down the stickers reveals 4 screws. Once inside it is a very simple board with a ST micro cortex M4 STM32F4 Series based micro controller doing the work. The FT serial to usb chip-set and some caps and a space that was blank for I assume either the WIFI or Bluetooth module. I googled the device and did see a Russian site where a guy took apart a VW version and it had more chips and and older generation micro-controller.
Soldering looks like reasonable quality surface mount and no hand work or redo’s.

By stvkram
Vehicle: 2003 Mazda 6 3.0 V6 220hp

I test this tool, i buy the wifi version. Ford/GM/Toyota/VW/JagLR all works with wifi or usb connection 😀

By satria_wr
Vehicle: 2014 Ford Ecosport 1.5L Ti-VCT 110hp

I own VXDIAG VCX Nano WiFi. I use IDS v103.xx fine without issue. Latest update of VXDiag gives it a better stability when doing programming.

Tony Back
Vehicle: Ford Focus

Well, I just took the chance and bought one.
Couldn’t figure out how to get WiFi working on it, so I installed the driver
for USB and used USB instead.
Forscan detected it as J2534, and no errors was reported.
It didn’t find as many modules as my Vlink adapter does, but it had
the same missing fuel trims for bank 2 for my Scorpio 24V  😉

One hurdle with this device though – it is almost impossible to connect it
to the Scorpio, because the plug is a bit hidden, and this device is very big.
Anyone buying it should consider, if a small OBD2 extension cable is needed too.

By Yoda
Vehicle: Scorpio 2,9 24V 207HK 1997

I can add that regarding the VCX Nano for ford/mazda, I took mine apart and no bluetooth module is present. The bluetooth capabilities advertised on the main Allscanner site it not accurate. I can not speak for the WIFI version but I have the usb version and have used it with my 2003 Mazda 6 V6 and AFTER installing the “pass-thru” driver (J2534) it works perfectly and fast with FORSCAN.

By stvkram
Vehicle: 2003 Mazda 6 3.0 V6 220hp

Full chip high quality VCM II (SP177-C) is much better than VXDIAG NANO.
But be careful programming!

By ipy1975
Vehicle: 2015 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8


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Ford IDS 105.01 VMware ALL Info: Review+ Error Solution+ Q&A

Ford IDS 105.01 tested OK function and tools, Ford IDS 105.01 VM installation tips, Ford IDS error solution "Intel VT-x disabled", Ford IDS software Q&A.

Part 1: Which tools can I use with this Ford IDS 105.01 VMware? What functions are tested OK?
Ford IDS 105.01 VM compatible interfaces:
VCM IDS 3 (It can use latest Ford IDS 105.01-- confirmed by engineers)
VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda (Tested OK by users)
Ford VCM II Clone (Best quality, some yes, some no)
Ford IDS 105.01 Tested OK Reviews:
I did 6 module programming on a 2013 explorer yesterday and all OK!
Ford IDS worked great today. Programmed a few keys and flashed a PCM already. Working flawlessly. Hope it keeps it up.
Today I've programmed a Ford Focus blue key with this virtual machine and Ford VCM2. Tested ok!
I've used it on 2015 F-150 to enable Car Configuration Parameters without any problem
Tested also with latest VCX manager and updated firmware on the NANO => work great with my VCX NANO Ford

I can now confirm both of these images are working with the Allscanner VCX Brand. Not sure if it makes any different but I used the latest VCX manager from the website.

I can confirm also. I made persistent HDD, then I installed drivers, restart. I checked license of VXDIAG... Then non persistent and now is ok.

Part 2: How to install Ford IDS 105.01 VM correctly?
Download Ford IDS 105.01 VM from here:
To be honest... Just turning non persistent off before the first start is all u need to do... And also click I moved it.
Leaving internet on doesn't matter.
In fact u need to keep it on if u wanna do programming from the server.

Ford IDS 105.01 VM installation tips for your reference:
Downloaded & extracted.
Opened in VMWARE 10. (In one of the first couple of lines in config file change the "12" to "10")
Clicked "I MOVED IT"
Turned of internet (don't know if it matters).
Turned off nonpersistent.
Started Up IDS 105.1 VMWARE
Plugged in OEM VCM and installed drivers.
Made cosmetic changes, performance changes to WIN7.
Opened IDS and made settings changes
Ran Shut down command in Guest System.
Turned nonpersistent back on.

Part 3: How to solve Ford IDS software error "Intel VT-x is disabled", "64 bit operation is not possible"?
Got the problem when run Ford IDS 105.01 in VMware machine:
This virtual machine is configured for 64-bit guest operating systems. However, 64-bit operation is not possible.
This host supports Intel VT-x, but Intel VT-x is disabled.
Intel VT-x might be disabled if it has been disabled in the BIOS/firmware settings or the host has not been power-cycled since changing this setting.
(1) Verify that the BIOS/firmware settings enable Intel VT-x and disable 'trusted execution.'
(2) Power-cycle the host if either of these BIOS/firmware settings have been changed.
(3) Power-cycle the host if you have not done so since installing VMware Workstation.
(4) Update the host's BIOS/firmware to the latest version.
all other images of IDS working without problem
need updating BIOS
The error means you CPU isn't configured or capable of 64bit virtualization. Check your bios setting!
Change computer BIOS about virtualization that was disabled, change to enabled. Now IDS is working ok!

Part 4: IDS Ford software V105.01 Q&A
Q: What windows it works? And do I need a special winrar version to open the file ?
A: Windows 7/8/10 64bit all OK. Just use latest winrar version available from rarlab website.

Q: Help please! I have a VM ware IDS 105, but is asking for license?
A: Shouldn't ask if you click " I moved " it at first start!
Most of people license error come from clicking " I copied it" when u first start the VM.
You should click "I moved it".
Delete the VM.. unzip/ unrar again.
Start over.
Click "I moved it" then no issue anymore.

Q: Is there a way to accelerate this VMware? May I active some options for that?
A: This VM is using 1.5Gb so you will need at least 4Gb on your machine. CPU preferably an i5 processor. Allow more RAM, more CPU. but it won't ever be like a native machine.
Or try running defrag in VMware> HDD utilities
Hope it helps!
Quick link to ALL Ford IDS 105 compatible tools:


Mazda IDS V104 Ford IDS V105.01 Free Download (Key & module programming works)

Many thanks to the fly company engineers' long hard work, the Mazda IDS V104 Ford IDS V105.01 is finally tested working 100% OK on the VCM IDS 3 hardware. Here share the free download link and how-to instructions in Youtube Video.

Mazda v104 softwarefree download (safe, no pass, crack)
Windows XP (SP2 or later) Windows 7, win 8 and win 10

Obdii diagnosis……works

Mazda/Ford (smart) key programming……works (Automatically logs on to the ford IDs server)

Module programming……works (Automatically logs on to the ford IDs server)

Module reprogramming……works (Automatically logs on to the ford IDs server)

Ford and Mazda 2016……works

2017 Transit Auto & Transit AWD……works
How to use Ford IDS 3 for Ford Mazda (Youtube Video)
1. How to use Ford ids 3 for Ford Mazda without network
2. How to Use Ford IDS3 for Ford Mazda with Network
Related post:
Howto: VCM IDS 3 V104.04 do Mondeo key programming and module programming


4 Typical VCM2 clone SP177C SP177C1

There are 4 famous types of VCM2 clone Ford diagnostic interface, including the most populous VCM2 SP177C, SP177C1 (talked most in forums). Collect and share them here!

Vcm2 of high quality - its the BEST
The hottest VCM2 clone model: SP177C&SP177C1, seems the same as this

Vcm2 of good quality
Vcm2 of middle quality
Vcm2 of very bad quality
In summary, good vcm2 clones usually cost $150 around. Never believe in the cheapest but best-quality! You will get what you pay for.


How to do Mondeo module / key programming by VCM IDS 3 V104.04?

Have Ford Mondeo Duratech-HE/I4 Gasoline to do OBD test, key programming, module programming, reprogramming, service function, etc. Best tool to use is VCM IDS 3 V102.01 (or latest V104.04). This post topic: If you have a hard time installing the IDS software, this post can shed some light on "how to make the software 102.01 work”.
Mondeo vehicle to work:
vehicle: Mondeo
engine type: Duratech-HE/I4
Capacity: 2.3L
Transmission: automatic
Fuel type: Gasoline

ECU systems to work:
Body, Chassis, electrical, powertrain

Ford diagnostic & programming tool to use:
Use VCM IDS 3 V104.04 to achieve:
Basic diagnostic function, key programming, module programming, reprogramming, service

Works on: Windows 10 machine

Nice features by using VCM IDS 3 V104.04: automatically logs on to the ford IDs server, key programming and Module programming works that VCM2 fails to do.
It's a new "pass thru" device.

How to use VCM IDS 3 V104.04 do work on Ford Mondeo Gasoline?
Note: Following videos and pictures displays IDS V102.02, newest software version is V104.04
1) If no internet connection, you need to use this video.
2) If with internet connection, need to choose this video.
Correct USB Serial Port (COM4).
IDS 3 module programming works, self test works, data logger works, OBD test modes and service function works.
Here pictures.
1) IDS 3 module programming works:
2)IDS 3 self test

3) IDS 3 data logger
3) OBD test modes and service function works i.e Powertrain system


Free download Ford IDS 105.01 for VCM II and VXDIAG VCX NANO

Here you can free download Ford IDS V105.01 VMWare with VCM II Manager for Ford VCM II clone and VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda! Newly released on 04.12.2017! Mega links as below:

Free Download Ford IDS V105.01 with VCM II Manager
Part 1
Part 2
Password: nK6gE84
Thanks SCOTT’s sharing and try on your own risk!

Ford IDS V105.01 Compatible Interfaces:
Ford IDS V105.01 Update Information:
This version has the ability to download the very latest calibration software files from Ford’s server if you have an internet connection available at the time of connecting to vehicles
Reading and decoding fault codes
Deleting fault codes
Displays system current parameters in digital form
Combined displaying of data
Logs keeping - writing and keeping of digital parameters in memory
Special function: changing of permissible settings of blocks, programming etc.

Ford IDS V105.01 Q&A:
Q: Is this Ford IDS 105.01 work with VCM II Clone?
A: Some yes! It works with VCM II clone that can use VCI MANAGER and above.

Q: Thanks for sharing but after I download, there is no active license?
A: When you open VM at first time, choose “I move it” and all will be OK!

Q: Is the internet not supposed to work?
When I start the VMWare, it said that some settings were changed. I restarted and the license was lost. So I reinstalled it again, still no internet but the license is working now?
A: Go to “Devices”, choose “Network Adapter NAT” and check the box “Connect at power on”. Look at below picture: